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The best tattoo shop in bangkok

When traveling being adventurous is usually a positive trait. 

Go on a spontaneous motorcycle trip around the city and see what happens.
Hop into a random restaurant and sample an exotic-looking dish.

But when it comes to tattooing, it is critically important to plan accordingly – be responsibly irresponsible as I always say. Because even if you do decide to go for a spontaneous piece of body art, it is important to make sure the tattoo shop inking you is qualified to be permanently altering your body.

 Safety First

Tattoos have the potential to be very dangerous. That is why you need to visit a tattoo shop that is extremely hygienic. Needles need to be brand new. Equipment needs to be sterilized. The work area needs to be meticulously cleaned with cleaning chemicals after every job. And proper hygienic practices need to be employed during the tattooing process.

And as safety needs to come first, it also needs to come last, as tattoo aftercare is critical to keeping you safe and to keeping the quality of your tattoo.

Styles Determine Tattoo Success

Most tattoo artists are specialized in just one style of tattoo. While some shops only have one or two artists, other shops have a full team of artists. It is important to find a tattoo shop and a tattoo artist that match the style of body art you’re looking for, otherwise you might end up with a less-than-perfect tat.

The Price of a Tattoo

While some artists charge by the our, we find that it is most fair to charge a fixed price for the tattoo. Hourly pricing can lead to a customer rushing an artist to finish quickly, compromising the look of the tattoo. Or it can lead to an artist taking longer than needed simply to earn a higher wage. Either way, a tattoo’s value should be based off its quality, not the amount of time the artist spent working on it.

Sak Yant’s

Many Bangkok tattoo shops practice the sak yant, aka the yantra tattoo. These historical forms of body art typically contain Khmer Sanskrit text, an historic language that only a few Thais are literate in today. While historically these tattoos were meant to convey magical powers to the bearer, today many use them for style or as a good luck charm.


Best Bamboo Tattoo Bangkok

Bamboo tattoos are all about the experience. How cool is it to travel all the way to Thailand and experience an antiquated form of body art!

Those interested in bamboo tattoos should seek them for the experience, but know that the quality of the work will always be better when done with a tattoo machine.

New Tattoos and Beautiful Beaches DON’T Mix

Millions of visitors come to Thailand specifically for the beautiful islands and their salty water. However when planning a tattoo, make sure to get it after your ocean excursions have concluded.

It is recommended to avoid swimming for at least a week after receiving some fresh ink.