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Chiang Mai’s Best Tattoo Artist

June 14, 2017

Meet Panumart Ahm, the owner and head artist of Panumart Tattoo Chiang Mai. Over the last two years we’ve seen this young artist take the Chiang Mai tattoo scene by storm and grow into who we believe to be the best tattoo artist in Chiang Mai.

Artist: Ahm
Shop: Panumart Tattoo
IG: @Panumart_Tattoo
Facebook: Panumart.Tattoo
Address: 77/3 Samlaan rd, Mueang, Chiang Mai 50200
Phone: +66 97 098 4517

Ahm is a well-rounded artist.

If there is one word that can define Ahm’s career, it is love. Love brought her to study art in university, for it was in this discipline that she found a passion for life. However, two years into college her studies were put to halt by another love, that of her incoming first-born child.

Unlike most artists, Ahm produces great tattoos of many different styles.

As a single mother, Ahm was driven by the need to provide for her baby boy. It was this need that lead her to begin tattooing eyebrows as a way to make money.

Ahm's son, Ei, loves greeting customers at Panumart Tattoo. Here he is posing in Phraya Nakhon Cave at Khao Sam Roi Yot National Park.

Love would once again change Ahm’s life in 2016 when she met her future husband, Ryan, who she now owns Panumart Tattoo with.

Ahm and her husband, Ryan, posing with some locals in Kashmir, India.

Inspired by a trip they took together to India, Ahm was inspired to do even more with her life. Upon returning home from the trip Ahm began working to become a professional tattoo artist. She underwent an apprenticeship that was so successful that her teacher decided to hire her. But only a few months after starting, she and Ryan knew they were ready to start a tattoo shop of their own.

Here is a selection of some of Ahm's work:

Ahm first opened Panumart Tattoo in her family’s home. It was there that Ahm and Ryan greeted visitors into their house with hospitality, fresh fruit, grandma’s cooking and a passion to give great tattoos.

From the very beginning Ahm and Ryan wanted to give a special experience to everyone who visited their tattoo studio. Back then Panumart Tattoo was located far away from Chiang Mai’s Old City. Ahm’s home was located on a rural road surrounded by lush trees, a small family of cows and a lake encircled daily by local fishermen.

Ahm and a customer posing in the garden of her house - the original location of Panumart Tattoo

Visitors must have been at least a little bit uncertain traveling so far, in such an exotic locale, to get tattooed in someone’s house of all places. And yet, Ahm and Ryan made it work. Since then it is has been their style to make their guests feel comfortable and to greet them like old friends. Through Ahm’s ever-improving tattoo skills and the duo’s personalities, Panumart Tattoo sky-rocketed to become one of Thailand’s most popular tattoo shops.

Ahm and Ryan, the owners of Panumart Tattoo, making friends with some visitors to their shop.

During this year’s Songkran (Thai New Year) Ahm and Ryan moved Panumart Tattoo from their home to the Old City. The new studio is beautiful and relaxing, but more importantly it stays true to the couple’s values of family, quality, happiness and safety.

The relaxing green view you see when looking out of Panumart Tattoo.

According to Ahm, Panumart Tattoo is dedicated to Quality, Safety and Satisfaction. But really satisfaction can be better stated as happiness. A happy life and experience at work is important for her, those she works with and for the guests that enter her door.

To maintain these standards Ahm recruited like-minded artists:

  • Ae, the most senior member of the team
  • Nate, a talented new-comer to the world of tattoos
  • Aon, Ahm’s younger brother who she apprenticed

The team has come together in just a short time, all dedicated to helping one another achieve their life’s goals in a happy atmosphere.

Ahm and her customer having a friendly talk.

While grandma’s cooking is no longer on the menu, nor are cows greeting you outside their doors, at Panumart Tattoo Ahm has created a tattoo studio that promises you medical-level hygiene (as taught in person by Ryan’s mother and brother, who are both medical professionals back in America), a relaxing environment, and great tattoos.

Panumart Tattoo's Other Talented Artists

Panumart Tattoo is made up of a team of artists with diverse styles. Between Ae, Nate and Aon you can get great Japanese, Neo-Thai, Old School, New School, Minimal, Color, Black & Gray and Thai-style sak yant tattoos.

Here is some of their best work:

Feel free to message Ahm and Panumart Tattoo on their Facebook Page or simply drop into their shop.
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